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Welcome to Islandhikes Hiking Page. Below is a " Topo/Image Map", along with a GPS route of the route.

Mt Schoen - South Ridge

Time: 11hrs return

     Date: Sept 03 2006

Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge Mt Schoen South Ridge

This trip report is done In Memory of Brooke George
was involved in a fatal accident while descending
Victoria Peaks South Face, Sept. 03, 2006

We'll miss you greatly Brooke

Weather:Sunny, Warm

   First off I'd like to thank Chris Willie for giving us directions to this route.
Frank Willie Jr. and I tried on a few occasions the year before tried to meet up for an back-country adventure but as things worked out we crossed paths but never ran into each other. Even this day we managed once again to have crossed paths, luckily we both had the cells turned on and things got straighten out right away. Meeting up in Courtenay I parked my truck at a friends place and piled into Frank's vehicle. From there the drive to the trail head took another 2 hrs before reaching our destination. The weather was nice that day so it we could easily see one of the first sections of our journey was an 1100m scree slope. Sweet I Say… but first we had a 200m hike in thick slash then had to cross Schoen Creek a short walk in the timber before reaching a new road system which went right by the base of the infamous scree slope. The hike up the slope was a good leg burn and great care had to be taking further up due to rocks rolling down on fellow hikers below. Roughly at the half way mark the slope steepened and spilt into two separate gullies. To be safe I opted to go straight up the main gulley, while Frank and his party decided to venture up the other gully to the right. After 20 min or so we all meet up again on the top of a false summit at the far end of Mt Adams north ridge. Here we took a short break to eat and marvel at the glorious views that surrounded us before descending 250m to the small saddle which separated Mt Adam and Mt Schoen. The descent off the ridge was steep to start of with but fairly straight forward having just a little climbing and route finding on rock before gaining the vegetative lower slopes of the saddle. From here we veered slightly left and up a bushy slope towards the first rock band. Then we turned right and stayed along side the bottom of cliff following it up until I could see an easy way up to the upper slopes of Schoen's South summit. Once on top we headed right (East) to the South summit for a quick look-see and once there the vistas were well worth the extra effort. 20 minutes later and back on course we at most times we stayed high on the ridge heading in a northerly direction towards Mt Schoen's main peak. Right at the beginning we cut down a snow slope and we were able to cut underneath and bypass the first of three bumps that had to be navigated up and over before reaching the base of Mt Schoen's final rock massive. At the base of Schoen's South face I was looking up at a series of short gullies and rock bands with some vegetation in between. After choosing a route up we quickly ran across the odd piece of flagging tape and rock cairns this now made it allot easier for us. So we just followed the markers right the way up. While going up we still had to climb some class 4 rock but the expose was minimal and very short. The final and section was a gentle grade across an open talus slope to a rounded summit. Just a wee bit further to the north past the summit cairn are excellent airy views towards Schoen Lake area, a must see if the weather is suited.

   How to get To There     Starting from the Port Alberni's Info Center. Drive 35km East on hwy 4# towards the Inland island highway turn North then drive 110km to Campbell River's far end. Then drive 120km north on Hwy 4# towards Woss, 10kms before keep a look out for signs post pointing to Schoen Provincial Park or Mt Cain Ski Hill. Turn left and follow the main line for just under 1km and take another left roughly 1.5km further up take another left and stay on this road for 18.5 km before parking half way up Schoen creek valley. At the time of the writing there have been new roads put in which will now take you right to the bottom of the big slide. Done out of memory, driving there you'll have to continue on another 1km further up the road turn left and cross over Schoen creek and then left again and back track down the creek on the other side. By doing this it will save 10minutes or a bushy 750m hike.

Stay tune in for more adventures at Island hikes

Stay tune in for more adventures at Island hikes

Cheers: Quagger

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