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Old Fire Look-Out Road: Mt Porter:
    I have made up a "Topo/Image Map", with the approx. location of the old Fire look-Out road plus the trail leading to the road, and also to the top of Mt Porter. It starts with a stiff hike up a fairly well marked trail 30min/1hr then opens up to a nice meadow just above Friesen Lake. Stay above the lake and hike up a small ridge in the center of meadow, at the top look for flagging tape on your left. You should be on the Old Fire Look-out road now. Hike the road to the very end 5kms or so. Stay on the horn of the main ridge and bush wack for 30min to 1hr to reach the summit. This a a small summit but offers good views of the South/East Strathcona Park, and other peaks to the South/West

Click - 'Orange star' and veiw a photo that was taken from that approx. location.

On the summit of Mt Porter I placed 5 arrows pointing to different peaks in that direction

The Red Piller & Argus Mountain Nine Peaks Velella Peak Mt Niamint Hawk on the summit Looking down at highway 4 Looking down at Sproat Lake Looking back at the Orange Cliffs Flowers growing on the rock bluffs Crashing through over small trees to get to summit Looking at the summit End of fire road Leaving the old burn Mt Klitsa Hiking through old forest fire Great Central Lake Looking for limestone down the valley of  Lake Main 1200 Futher down the road Small lake beside the fire road Cool looking Sun Rings Old Fire Road Fairly recent logging at the far end of Lake Main unnamed lake First Summit on Fire Road Alpine stream in spring thaw in July!! Meadows Alpine Flowers Postcard shot of Sproat Lake & Port Alberni Spanish Moss growing up in the alpine spruce trees Fish Hatchery on Great Central Lake The gap between Striling Arm & Two Rivers Sproat Lake Lowery Lake Loop inthe distance Great Central Lake Park just before the end of the road, the trail on the right side of road Look at him go ....
How to get there??     Drive west from Port Alberni for about 10kms. Turn right off Highway 4# (Gravel) onto "Great Central Mainline". Drive for about 4kms and turn left onto "Branch 12/High Level Road". Stay on this road for about 10 kms. 4x4 reccommended. Turn left on 12C about 1km cross Clutesi creek, stay on the main road drive uphill turn left and gain access to the front side of hill side. You should now be driving on Branch 12N. Stay on this branch to almost the end. The trail head is about 100 meters before the roads end on the North side of road Cheers: Quagger