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Mt Parson:
    I have made up a "Topo/Image Map", with the location of the GPS track route I took while hiking up to the summit April 22nd 2004.

Click - 'Green star' to view photo taken from approx. location.

How to get there??     Leaving from Port Alberni, drive down the East side of the Alberni Inlet toward Banfield take the last left before driving by Franklin Camp, if you come to a stop sign turn around and take the first right. Drive up the logging that takes you up main creek (not sure of it's name)take the road all the way to it's end were the bridge has been removed.

Mt Parson where's that peak ??

     It is a small peak just North of Franklin logging camp. Not sure on it's history, but if there is a story out there, I'd love to hear it. Drive North up logging rd. which heads up the valley that leads to Mt Parson & Mt Grey's South/West slopes, park at removed bridge approx 500m elevation . Walk up to the 600m level, head left hiking north/west up the slash towards the standing timber always staying on the right side of the main creek draw. Once on the timbers edge keep your eye out for yellow flagging tape. If you can't find the tape just hike due north up the timber towards the lower rocky knoll. If you find the tape follow it up to the 1200m from here on there is no flagging becuse I was not sure if the route I took could be improved on in future trips up. The route I took was to hike it to the ridge crest turn right climb the steep ridge line to the top of the rocky knoll just west of the true summit. From here due to the snow conditions I could not safely climb the steep rock face so I decided to drop down onto the North bowl turn right and cross underneath the rock face for about 100m before heading back up a steep gully to gain acces onto the main ridge leading to the summit. The summit ridge was a cool knife edge ridge with a little bit of exposer due to the amount of corniced snow. Got some good shots from the summit as it was a beautiful day Was hoping to keep on going to summit Mt Grey, but I would have to go all the way back to Parson's north bowl and then cut across towards Mt Grey. My feet were burning as I was still breaking in a new pair of stiff hiking boots. For rock climbers there is an awsome rock face on Mt Grey's east side. I hope to get pictures when I visit the area next time. Any one owning a Magellan and is interested in using my waypoints and track route drop me an

Off Belay Cheers: Quagger