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Mt Dawley - Late Winter
5hrs return

     Date: March 20 2004

Mt Dawley

Weather:  Overcast
Wind:  Calm

   This is probably a mountain very few have heard of unless if you logged out of Ucluelet back in the 70's and 80's. The mountain is basically totally logged off. So why would I waste time hiking up it? Two reasons: one, because it's there; and two, because there was limestone outcrops all over the Western slopes. I have ventured into the lower slopes a number of times crawling through the thick bush and endless blow downs looking for the big cave. I'm still looking..... Hike up the overgrown roads right to the summit. Beware – these are some of the most overgrown roads I have come across on the island. Don't waste your time on this mountain if a view is on your list because the sapplings are too tall and too close together to even get a view. If looking for caves is on your agenda, well I say fill your boots and please drop me a line when you find the big one.

   How to get there??     Head west towards Tofino, past the Salmon Beach turn-off and park just off the highway at Log Jam Creek.

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