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The Horseshoe Traverse, Beaufort lake
    I have made up a "Topo/Image Map", with the location of the GPS track route Sasha and myself took while hiking the peaks around Beaufort Lake in Mid May 2003. Next time we hope to do the whole loop

Click - 'Black star' to view photo taken from approx. location.

stubbsandbeaufortlake Mt Chief Frank Mnt Clifton Tsablesummit beaufortlake Cloudsonstubbs lookingupridgeontsable lookingbackupsteepsection comingofChief routeuptsable ChiefFrankovertotsable ChiefFranksummit LookingoveratStubbs ChiefFrankeasygoing ChiefFrankridge ChiefFrankhalfwayup ChiefFrankramp Chieffrompass smalllake Tsablefromroad ParkHere OnTheRoadAgain ToadLake Slash DownTrees EliseLake stubbssummit downoffstubbs smalltrees ComoxGlacier RedPillar sashaandhawk halfwayupstubbs snowdrifts goingdowntsable2 chieffrankandtsable longridgeofstubbs tsable2ridge henryspencer oldtree tsable2
How to get there??     Leaving from Port Alberni, drive towards the end of Beaver Creek rd and follow the road right onto Sommers rd. at the Trout pond turn left and stay on main logging road and head up the Valley Link Hwy (gravel). At km9 the rd turns sharply left and drives over Lanterman ck, a 1km further on take a right and then another right at the next intersection stay on this rd for another 4/5 km looking for a right turn that heads immediatly uphill called Branch 116. You will need a good two wheel drive vechile or 4x4 to be able gain acess to the far end of the road system. The spur rd you need to get on will take you up to the headwaters of Katlum ck, park just before the road crosses the creek. The bridge has been removed so driving any further a 4x4 would be needed to be able to reach the small lake at the end of the road.

    Walk up the logging road to the end, hike a short distance towards the pass between Mnt. Clifton / Mnt Chief Frank. Look for the obvious ramp that takes you to the upper ridge, once on top head south/east towards Chief Franks summit. Now over to Tsable hike south/west towards the pass betwen Tsable and Chief Frank. Find your way down a some what steep section through trees when decesnding off Chief Frank, now hike up the main ridge towards Tsable's summit. Once on top you will get some nice views of Beaufort Lake and a little further on you will be on the summit. The next peak is un-named but has the same elevation as Tsable it was a pleasent hike down and up to it. At the pass between the two peaks is where the decent route starts so keep a mental note of it for when you return. Hiking down from the un-named peak it's a little steep but lots of branches to hang from. The walk over the ridge towards Mnt Stubbs was the grand fin alley, it was most enjoyable with lots of nice views and wide open ridge that gently takes you up to the summit. The Storm clouds rolled in when we reach the summit so no time was spent hanging around. On the descent of Mnt Stubbs the sky opened up and it started snowing on us, YuK!!. Once back at the turn off for the route down I pulled out my GPS and followed the track route I entered into it from my computer the night before we left. I had no idea what the bush was going to be like for the descent, I knew there were some cliff bands that had to be avoided and I was hoping there was going to be a way around them. The going down is steep with some exposed spots crossing slopes but the main part stays in the timber so it give you some sense of security. There is a short section of slash at the very end, but it was a nice site to see nowing we were now off the mountain. Cheers: Quagger