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Mt Arrowsmith / Unjudges Route - Summer
10hrs loop

     Date: June 13 2009

Mt Arrowsmith UnJudges

Weather:  Sunny
Wind:  Calm

    Finally made it out to Arrowsmith Un-Judges area yesterday, ready to tackle a a new way up. This has been my first time in the area since it being logged. Yea they took a few firs I see shame .... I noticed they left a stripe of old growth over a steep draw which was fairly close to the route I take up to Lost Gully. It looked like a good starting point, staying on the right side of gully I headed up. Travel is fairly basic for the first part but when I have to head left NW I was forced to stay on the high side of a very steep gully. Once I was able to cross over I found myself on some steep awkward ground with exposure. Now I had to look for the way up which was not easy because of Kiku being with me. After some good route finding and a little luck we found a way up onto more lay-back terrain. The rock was dry, making for easy travel up to the base of the South Peak rock face. Heading NW towards the Un-Judges route went smoothly until just before reaching the route. I now had to find a way over steep gully which had vertical cliffs on all three sides. I noticed a side chute gully on the other side which looked like it connected so after a couple of bush pull ups and careful footing we both made it over and again luck was on our side as it got us onto the ridge. I now noticed orange flagging pieces in the trees which pointed me in the direction of travel. This was the first time on the Un-Judges for me and never thought there would such nice exposed scrambling on the route. Which made for awesome views and Kiku the four legged wonder just loved leading the way. Once on top we stopped for a cool down on one of the last patches of snow. Poor Kiku was not a big fan of green tea but it was the only thing she had to drink on the way up so snow was a big hit with her. Up to the South summit then back down and over the summit ridge to the Arrowsmith's main summit. A quick bite to eat then a back down the Judges route to spur road. instead of walikint the road I just heading down in the bush which finally put me on Pass 15 spur saving me about 3kms of logging roads. Gotta like that Another great day in the hills Red dots - route I took - start time 8th hour on the 8th day of the 8th month of 8th year ... Hummmmm where have I heard that ????? Yellow dots - possible new un-judges route in Old Growth

   How to get there??      Same as Mt Arrowsmith Lost Gully.

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