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Triple Peak:
    I have made up a "Topo/Image Map", with the approx. location of the route up to the upper snowfields leading to the summits of Triple Peaks. The approx flagged route marked in green dots. The Red Stars when clicked on will open another page with a picture from that location.

Looking at the route I went up from the summit of 5040 the week before. At the end of the logging road.  Looking up at the headwall which leads to the lower lake.  I heard it was not a nice place to try and gain acess to the peak. Looking down the Effingham Valley, the lake is just around the right corner. Looking across at 5040 and Niamint Peak A quick bite to eat and time to turn around and head back to the Jeep. The group leader Hawk turned around at this point.  Too steep for four legs e  At the upper col looking down towards Toquart Lake Starting to cross the second snowfield Took a quick run up the small summit for this pano of Cats Ear & Triple Peak Looking up the main gully that comes down from between two of the summits, notice that large boulder at the top.  EEEK!! One wonders how such large boulders get in the places they do Some nice views of Triple while crossing the first snowfield Traversing across under a small rock band. Getting closer to the first snowfield, also goods views of all three peaks The leader of the group, my hiking buddy  Hawk Looking across at Cats Ear Peak and the upper lake showing off  its Gin clear Turquiose Blue H2o.  It taste as good as it looks too Upper lake not far now Getting out of the trees into the alpine meadows Whew! the walk up was'nt as bad as I thought, just follow the odd piece of flagging tape you come across Looking at the hellish bush wack ahead A nice view of Triple Peak and it's lower snowfield
How to get there??     Drive west from Port Alberni for about 60kms. Turn left off Highway 4# onto Marion creek mainline. From here stay on the main logging road and drive for about 15kms up to the headwaters of Marion creek 600m level. You will need a vehicle with good ground clearance, due to the deep cross ditches starting at 10km in. At the top of the hill it starts to level out at 15kms, you will see a road on your right going down and crossing a small creek. Park here; Walk about 1km up the old road and take the left fork and walk to the end of the spur. From here if your lucky you might find the odd piece of flagging tape that wil take you in the right direction. If not just use your best judgement picking a way up the 400 meter overgrown headwall. This hike is not for the weak minded, nor any who can't take a good slap in the face from a willow or a handfull of thorns from a Devils Club, I can say it's all worth it in the long run. Enjoy my fellow Hiker.....Bushwacker.... I would love to hear any stories from around this area if any of you have any to share. Cheers: Quagger