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Pogo Peak / East Gully - Spring
day trip 8hrs return

     Date: April 25 2009 FA

Pogo Peak East Gully

Weather:  Overcast
Wind:  Moderate

    Yawn.... it's been kinda quiet over here, but finally got out last weekend. Pogo Peak's East Gully route was on the plate, once there noticed allot of avalanche activity had filled the approach up to the base. Luckily it was old and recent snowfall was next to nil so felt no creepiness when heading up into it. Small sluffs came down on us when in the guts of the gully and we were able to easily bury ice axes to hold us there. After that we had a 15m icy section on steep ground, then a snow plod to the Saddle. The only mishap was a softball sized ice chunk rattled down and put a small dent on Tawney's new water bottle. Picture attached

   How to get there??      Same as Pogo East Ridge except turn-off and head up first wash-out only 1km from parking spot.

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