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Rugged Mnt. / East Ridge - Late Spring
day trip 16hrs return

     Date: June 5 2010

Rugged Mnt East Ridge

Weather:  Overcast light Rain
Wind:  Moderate

    I have wanted to get up Rugged Mountain for a number of years but always heard of folks doing it as a overnighter Yuk!! plus the horror stories of the steep bush. Since doing more research I find out the hike in is only 8km and 4 of that is on hiking up an overgrown road. So that only leaves 4kms of ??? Dan was just up there in Feb 2010 but got turned back half way up the ridge before Nathan Col due to snow conditions but Sasha had climbed the mountain in late summer so he was familiar with the route up to the Col. After chatting with them I was sure we could as a day trip even if the snow was soft. Saturday we all headed up island and camp 7km up the Nomass mainline, right at the start of the overgrown road. The alarm went off at 4:30am and all were ready to go by 6. 2hrs later we were in the Old-growth sitting down for a quick break. 3hrs after that with some route finding up a few steep snow sections on the ridge we finally reached Nathan Col. So far the weather had been good to us but once on the Glacier it started to snow lightly. Luckily the winds were non existent so we keep on going. Visibility was low at times but the clouds lifted now and then which gave us glimpse's on our destination. I had hope to head up The Chuck but once there we noticed it had pretty well melted back so we headed left and gained the East ridge at the base of the Hump. Instead of going over the Donkey's Back due to poor snow conditions I opted to stayed on the north side and posted holed under the Donkey's Back and gained the ridge on the other side. Then headed up the East Ridge to the final steep section which had ice for the last few steps before reaching the rocky rugged summit. It was a surprise to see the summit Carin was snow free along with the summit register. Inside the register I found a toy monster, this put a huge smile on Tawney's face. Which was a good thing because she was feeling a little overwhelmed at were she was and how she was getting back down. Having a good break and seeing we had made it up in just under 7hrs we all patted ourselves on the back and carefully heading back down. 4.5hrs later I sipping my favorite beverage at the CRV. Great day, looking forward to heading up there again

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