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Rambler Peak / Staircase - Summer
day trip 18hrs return

     Date: August 25 2011 - 50th B-Day Hike

Rambler Peak Staircase

Weather:  Sunny
Wind:  Calm

   Great trip up Rambler. Left trailhead at 3am, was sitting on Rambler's summit by 1:30pm and back down to the trailhead 9pm. Whew!! The hike up to the Landslide Lake turn-off under headlamps was quite enjoyable due to lack of bugs and cool weather. Once it got light enough we headed up the less traveled section of the Elk Trail. It was no problem staying on course for the most part but there were sections we had to keep our eyes peeled for a faint worn trail and the sparse flagging. Once out of the forest the snow appeared and it made for easy travel up to the head of the pass. By now the sun was out in full force making for a sweating ascent up to Rambler's South shoulder. We took a nice break once on the top. Now we got our first views at the lower gully and quickly noticed it was half melted out. Kaka Pooh Pooh! I now thought it was going to be awkward up this section. The snow was hard so we doned crampons and pulled out the ice axes and headed up the steep snow. Once the snow ran out, luckily it was easy to reach the rock. It was a pleasure to see solid rock with lots of holds. We just had to be careful not to knock down debris when crossing the steep unstable slopes. Now on the upper snowfield, the going was easy and views were very Doctor Seuss when passing by Rambler Junior. The gully up to the summit looked allot more inviting than the lower as it was completly snow free. We took a short break at the bottom before climbing our way up to Rambler's summit. The route up the gully was very enjoyable with some exposure in spots, then a short scramble up to the final summit block. The stay on the summit was short as we had taken more time on the ascent than I had expected. We were now both feeling the heat and the lack of sleep so took it careful on the descent on both gullies. We finally reached the South Shoudler by 3:30pm and still had a long hike down to the Landslide Lake trailhead. I was surprised when we made it down there by 6pm and looked forward changing out my footwear for some nice new trail runners. This made for a sweet hike out for the last 10kms, reaching the car just after 9pm.

   How to get there??      Start off Hiking up Elk River Trail right up to Elk Pass. Climb starts here.

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