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Queen Peak:
    Strathcona Park, Vancouver Island, BC, CANADA
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Sasha Kubicek

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Looking Down ElkhornRambler Views to Puzzle Mt Mighty Colonel Foster Snow Bowl            Start  of Gully Route Camp First Waterfall                                    Steep Section Elk River
    Instead of getting ready for Turkey dinner this Thanksgiving my family was getting ready for a trip up Kings Peak. To get to the trail head we passed Buttle lake and turned off towards Gold River. Once a power line crosses the hghway we took the first gravel road to the left. Before the bridge crossing the Elk River (1) is a little parking spot and sign which is the trail head (A). The first part of the trail takes you to the power lines and an old gravel road. Here turn right (B) and after a couple minutes will see a wood sign saying Kings Peak trail. You cross a nice bridge and wind your way up the forested slope. The lower parts had some of the biggest trees I have ever seen. There are a few steep sections (2) which would need caution with heavy packs and wet rock. You eventually get up to beautiful waterfall (3). Up to here the trail is a 'highway', well maintained with steps and switch backs. From here on the trail is good but not as pampered. You climb up to a creek crossing that could be tricky in high water. The trail continues now on the East side of the creek coming down from Kings Peak snow field. Here you get a glimpse of the power of snow as major avalanche debris has collected down at the bottom. The trail crosses the creek for a bit and then gets back to the East side again. This part now is a steep slope that goes into the rocky creek below. With snow this part would be better but we had none so find stuff to hold on to was hard. This is not a place one would like to slide down onto the rocks of the creek (C). Once you pass this part you come to a great open meadow area that has lots of great camping spots (4). Here you can see the start of the winter gully route (5). Time up was about 4 hours. With little sleep we woke up The next day early to get up as far as we could in the get back to Victoria the same day. From camp the trail goes Westwards up the slope to a mini bowl area where you see a prominat gully that leads up to the ridge. This gully is steep and with snow would be easier. You pop up out of the gully and are greated with a tast of spectacular (6)views to come. You also get a good look at the large snow bowl on Kings Peak. From the ridge we went up a rocky area that brought us to the side of the locally known but incorrectly named Queens Peak. The trail scoots around the west side of the peak and here was some exposure (D). Once around this part things level out and great views of Colonel Foster are seen (7). It's cruise control from here to the top of Queens Peak. Here we had great views of Puzzle Mt. (8), Elkhorn and Rambler (9) and the crevased snow bowl (10). Taking too much time admiring the view we had to turn back as we wanted to get to Victoria in the same day we never made it to the top of King. It looked like an easy scramble to the top after crossing the saddle between the peaks. Cheers: Quagger