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Pogo / Traverse - Fall
16hrs return

     Date: Oct 26 2008

Pogo Traverse

Weather:  Sunny
Wind:  Calm

   Was up Pogo peak last week hoping to come across a lost pack but I must have taken a different route than Steve. Great weather but a little cool  East Ridge   When up there the ridge leading west was looking very inviting but thought the daylight hours were too short to take chances of running into darkness. So thought well maybe next year. One week later I found myself hiking in the dark heading down the Kennedy Main towards the East Ridge. This time I was not alone Tawney had always wanted to climb this peak. She had come out with me on a couple of my latest adventures and proved to be a real trooper hiking the hills so i knew she would have no problems with the steep terrain Pogo's east ridge had to offer. The hike up was quite enjoyable and now easy to follow with the extra pieces of flagging I hung the week before. Once up in the alpine we ran into about 20cm of fresh snow which had already harden up. When climbing the steep section the new snow was a bit of a hindrance making it hard to find the small ledges I use to weave through the rock band. All was good in the end and we found a reasonable way up without having to pull out the rope. Weather on the summit was outstanding for the time of year T-Shirt weather for sure Tawney also noticed the long ridge route and asked if I'd done it before, saying no but also saying I knew of someone who had. She quickly lite up and asked if I was into doing it. Big smile came over me need I say more. Looking at our time it was 2pm which left us just over 4hrs of daylight. Not really enough time but if we giver **** we should be able to get down to the Clayoquot Witness trail-head. I knew the alpine section was more than do-able but never seeing the route off the west side I was a little nervous about running into a steep section which might slow us down. The West summit was very enjoyable and getting off was not too awkward we just stayed to the left side and were able to green belay down to the lakes far end. Low water made it possible to hike around the shoreline and we stayed on the outflows east side. Just before reaching slash a long cliff section had to be avoided but luckily I was able to find a way down. Once in the slash the bush was soaking wet which drench us unexpectedly guess it was our finally crux before reaching the Trail-head only 15 minutes before darkness fell upon us. Now we only had a 6km hike in the dark down the logging road. Sore feet but high spirits were meet at the Truck Great Day had by all

   How to get there??      Start off same as Pogo Peak East Ridge.

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