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West Ridge: Mt Nahmint:
    Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, BC, CANADA
To view Photo's from the trail click the red stars on topo map
Beverly Lake Looking down the East Ridge The Fog Bank the mill pushes the fog up a wee bit Summit Carin with sign-in register The rugged Mt Hall notice the limestone cap infront Hummm? Looking south Checking out the way up with-out getting lost in the juniper Ahhhh... Beverly lake what a view Looking up at the false peak west of Nahmint's main summit Pogo peak peaks her head out What's taking you Quag? My guide Hawk Half-way across north bowl Inside an ice cave Looking across the North Bowl View of the South side of Mt Klista View of the backside of Steamboat Peak View of 5040 Peak Nice view of Mt Hall A ring of yellow Watched fallers at work The bush starts to give way to alpine There's a fair bit of bush bashing Hiking up the steep ridge Head up to the large stump at the top end of slash Park at the end of N-700
How to get there??     From Port Alberni there are two ways you can go. The way I went was down the logging road on the far side of Sproat Lake heading towards the Gracie Lake turn-off. Go up and over the pass and get on to the Nahmint Main-line at the bottom of the steep hill, take a right and head west. Drive over the upper Nahmint River and take the right at the first intersection, head upstream to 68km marker and then take the left fork, then one more left. You should now be on N-700, drive over two bridges and take the high road up to it's end and park there. It was late in October and Vancouver Island was still thinking it was summer time. I had been taking full advantage of it, so when I was given directions on a sweet route up the west ridge of Nahmint with easy access from a recent logging show, it became a high priority on my to do list before the snow started to fly.

8:00am Oct 23rd found me at the far end of N-700 main-line scanning the timber line for flagging tape to give me an idea of where the route started. I noticed some flagging at the top end of the slash of a huge cedar stump, from here all you have to do is follow the flagging. The first part of the ridge is steep and fairly bushy, after a 1 to 2 hours you will reach the alpine and the bush disappears to low lying heather. After travelling on the ridge for a while you will have two choices on which way to go. You can stay on the ridge ( Winter Route )and climb up and over the false peak west of Nahmint then hike down to the Saddle, or you can take the route I chose and cross over the north bowl and steer up towards the saddle ( Summer route only, Avalanche hazard in the winter )

Once there it's only a short step up the first bluff then you can either stay on steep grass n rock and choose a route up the middle to reach a steep ramp to the summit, or you can follow the juniper bush for the first half for extra security on the right side and then take a grassy ramp leading to the summit. The time of year will also be a big factor. Beware of the large cornice that can form on certain years. Cheers: Quagger