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Welcome to Islandhikes Hiking Page. Below is a " Topo/Image Map", along with a GPS route of the route.

Mt Myra, Hikers Route

click to view ---> North Face with Snow

Time: 4.5 hrs to summit from vehicle

     Dates: July & Oct 2003

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Weather:Nice Cool Mornings heating up by afternoon
Trail conditions:Fair, rough walk down old Cat Track from Tennet Lake

   Start the hike from the WestMin Mines Parking lot, walk west past the gate on a main road to the Myra power station which marks the start of the trail. Cross Myra creek and head left on a well marked trail which used to be an old cat road that goes all the way up to Tennet Lake. The road is a rough walk up but I found the ascent was not as bad as the descent. That's when I really noticed how rough it was and boy it was a knee basher. From Tennet Lake look left for a some what marked trail which heads over the small rock bluff. Once on top the trail heads right "east" passing by a number of small lakes towards a short headwall. You'll have to keep a keen eye out for the rock cairns here, just remember to stay far right of the large waterfall pouring over the upper ridge. There is a short forest section to past through before climbing up a the bushy gully which gets you on top of the upper ridge. Not far from that you will then run across a trail intersection. Take the left trail to hike up Mt Myra or keep going straight and eventually end up at Mount Thelwood. Depending on what time of year you're doing this but not far ahead you pass a deep tarn I'll tel you about. Every time I hike Myra I always look forward to this spot because the water from the tarn in early summer while it's still half frozen is awesome I tell you Awesome!! That's now why I try and do a July long weekend trip up there if I can. Past the Tarn you'll hike up the west ridge of a false summit before turning slightly north. From here you can easily see the summit of a some what clear day and there are two easy ways to reach the summit and the choice is up to you. I like doing a short loop trip over the peak by first heading over to the South Face up a rocky gully and finally cutting back west and curling around the summit buttress and finally climbing a short gully to reach the summit cap. For the way off the summit I normally down climbed a few steep steps directly towards the false summit. It was a sad sight back in Oct 2003 when I guiding a bunch of my friends, upon reaching the summit I instantly noticed the the old time summit carin had been totally destroyed by SCV "Summit Cairn Vandals". Man I don't understand why some folks out there have to do that ??????? Luckily there was five of us that day and after about 45 minutes we had built another cairn for Mt Myra to be proud off. It was not as good as the first one but I hope it will stand for many years to come. I'm definitely not a big fan of litter and try and pick up most of what I come across but I do strongly feel that all peaks deserve our mark on it summit. Plus when I'm climbing a mountain I get a feel of achievement when I finally see it.

   After climbing this route now in both winter & summer conditions I'm not sure which I like better Rock or Snow. I'm a snow lover but .... I think I'll be back to climb this route again in the summer. This time I'll bring my climbing shoes and fag bag "chalk"

   How to get To Mt Myra Trail-Head     Starting from the Port Alberni's Info Center. Drive 35km east on hwy 4# towards the Inland island highway turn North drive 110km towards Campbell River's far end. Turn left and drive 40km West on Hwy 28# towards Gold River, instead of turning right and crossing between Upper Campbell and Buttle Lake. Go straight and drive another 37kms on the Westmin Rd right to the Mine. Show caution when driving through the mine and respect all mining equipment. The parking lot is at the far end of the paved road.

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