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Mt Wesley / Traverse - Late Winter
16hrs return

     Date: March 10 2008

Mt Wesley Traverse

Weather:  Wet / Steady Rain
Wind:  High

   Late Sunday morning I meet up with neighbo and we sent off to do the full traverse of the Wesley ridge. Weather was pretty miserable rain drops were the size of quarters and the wind sent shivers right through you. This was a Gortex day for sure I also packed extra mitts when fingers got cold. The first section up to the Saddle between Mt Horne and Mt Wesley is steep but the trail is well worn. Once at the Saddle the trail heads right to Wesley and is now quite overgrown with lots of prickly bushes. Luckily this only last for about 200m before we heading up into the timber. We first picked up on an old trail which has been recently flagged by Search and Rescue. Following a somewhat worn path up to rock bluffs then finally meeting up with the original trail. Now we stayed on the flagged route to Wesley's summit. The wind was now picking up and rain was coming in waves in between short periods of sunshine. Heading down the east side of Wesley the flagging is very sparse so knowledge of the route is needed until reaching the lower saddle. When heading back up towards Salmon hill it was easier to stay on track. The wind was still gusting but by being in the trees we never felt the full force of it. Until we reached a false peak called Salmon Hill. Need I say more Calling our friend Gary in Qualicum, he nicely offered to drive out to the two bridges, so to save us the 7km walk back to the Grove. Saying we would meet him in an hour, there was no time wasting. So off we went running down the trail, that is well worn and easy to follow except when you run into the Quad trail. Here just keep an eye out foe pink flagging and a worn trail heading off. All was good and we meet Gary on the tracks just 5 min late. Pictures below

   How to get there??      Either start from the west end at Cathertral Grove or east end by the tracks at the twin bridge's just before the passing lanes.

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