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Mt Regan / South Ridge - Summer
16hrs return

     Date: Sept 10 2011

Mt Regan South Ridge

Weather:  Sunny
Wind:  Calm

   Luckily we were able to sneak one more adventure in before the weather turned for the worst. Mt Regan's south Ridge was still on the radar since we turned back last time due to my three strike rule. Heading out in the wee hours of the morning we hit the trail head at 3:40am but never noticed the darkness due to 350 lumens of light coming from each of our Petzl Ultra's. Arriving at Circlet Lake just before Dawn, we took a short break before heading up the two steep steps onto Albert Edward’s main ridge. Once on the ridge it was a nice hike up as the sun was still low in the sky. Getting off the ridge down onto the Col was a bit tricky with some exposer. I took a messed up route down which I really don't recommend. Once on the lower snowfield we donned our crampons as the snow was hard. Route up Mt Regan's South ridge was fairly basic with some nice short climbs amongst loose rock. On the ascent we took a route Tawney had downloaded from the internet and found it to be a bit on the rotten side due to allot of loose unstable rock. On the descent I found what we thought to be a nicer route. This involved a very short class 5 climb on solid rock which by-passed the gullies and put us back on the main ridge down to Col. Route up to Albert Edward’s upper snowfield was a treat as we found a nice line on solid rock, with only a 4ft step onto the upper snow field. The hike out went well and made it back to the car by 6:40pm

   How to get there??      Drive north to Mt Washington Skihill. Instead of driving right up to skihill turn left and Park at the Raven Lodge Parking lot. Trailhead into Albert Edward starts here.

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