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Mt Hall / North Bowl - Winter FWA
10hrs one way

     Date: March 20 2010

Mt Hall Winter ascent

Weather:  Sunny morning Thunder and Lighting by afternoon
Wind:  Calm to high

   The winter of 2009-2010’s strange snow fall has made it great to reach peaks which are normally inaccessible except by a long ski or snowmobile up snow covered logging roads. Taking full advantage of this I have been able to climb peaks which normally I attempt in May or early June. The weather had been great for the past few days but unfortunately, the day I had planned for an outing the weatherman was calling for a system moving inland by mid afternoon. Guess I would just have to make it an earlier start. Sasha was free and Tawney wanted to get out before heading back east for work. So I thought why not try and get up Mt Hall, which is located at the headwaters of the Toquart River. It was a 2hr plus drive then a fair hike up an overgrown logging road which has two wet river crossings. At the roads end the hike through the slash can be a nightmare if you take a wrong turn, but luckily it was short. The venture in the timber up to alpine is fairly straightforward and enjoyable with next to nil for undergrowth. Once in the alpine the views open up and you finally end up in a wide open basin with Toquart Mountain to the North, Triple Peak to the West and Mt Hall to the South. The place looks very Lord of the Rings like. The North Bowl of Mt Hall is a sweet snow climb with no technical difficulties. That's if you go the right way - but if you want some steep snow take the left snow chute directly below the false summit which takes you up steep snow before topping out right next to a cornice. Then walk carefully on an exposed ridge to the true summit. Once reaching the summit ridge clouds appeared out of nowhere roaring up the south west side. Unfortunately, this quickly took away our views and tried to blow us off the ridge. Damn!! No summit snoozes today. Instead we made a quick retreat off the mountain. Luckily we were able to reach the timber before the rain began falling. By the time we reached the slash the rain had turned into a downpour. I could now hear squish squish coming from Tawney's footsteps. I didn't have the heart to tell her I was dry until we got back to the Jeep. Great Day Out - Photo link below.

   How to get there??     Follow same direction as Mt Hall

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