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Peak 1255 and Mt Grey - Early Spring
8hrs one way

     Date: April 23 2011

Peak 1255 over to Mt Grey

Weather:  Sunny
Wind:  Calm

   While checking out Google Earth one night I noticed new spur roads leading up ("Frances Creek" - Frances Lake, 3km SE, Abandoned Franklin Camp). Spur follows the creek almost up to 700m level making easy access to the Mt Grey/Mt Parsons area. I had climbed these peaks from the West one sunny late summer's day with Sasha, but never seen it with a layer of snow. Reason why it made for a great choice for last Saturday. I had done a solo recce up a peak across from Mt. Grey the week before to see if there was any obstacles I needed to know about but found none. Leaving early Saturday morning Tawney, Sasha and I bounced down the Banfield Road in the FJ to Franklin Camp. The spur road starts right from the backside of Franklin Camp and gate looks like it has seen better days so no issue there. At the time we were able to drive 5km before snow stopped us so there was only 4km of road before entering the bush. There was so much snow so travel up was great and before noon we where standing on a unnamed 1255m peak we called peak 1255 as it has no history of any recent ascents but I'm sure it was crossed over by miners at the turn of the century. After a quick pit stop we headed back down then up a small knoll, first tower for lunch, then an enjoyable plod up Mt.Grey for outstanding 360 degree views of Southern Vancouver Island. picture link below

   How to get there??     Head South on Banfield Road and turn-off at the old Franklin Camp.

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