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Lucky 13 Peak / NW Ridge - Early Summer
8hrs return

     Date: July 8 2010

Lucky 13 Peak

Weather:  Overcast / Light Rain
Wind:  Moderate

    Ever since Steve and I where paddling on an unnamed lake at the headwaters of Lucky Creek. I got my first glimpse of the steep sloped peaks which surrounded us. Most if not all summits in the area had no or very little climbing history. Lucky Peak being the main peak in the area had no reported ascent so back in April 15 2007 Sasha and I make a successful attempt on the peak and saw no evidence of human present. The next week we then made an assault on Lucky's neighbouring peak which is called Handsome Peak. On it's summit we did come across an elaborately built cairn which was most likely put there by a turn of the century surveyor. While Sasha and I stood on Handsome summit the clouds parted somewhat to give us a sneak peak of a rocky summit at the back end of the valley which seemed to dominate the skyline. Looking on the topo it shows it as being the tallest peak in the area which surprised me. I was always under the assumption that Lucky Peak was the tallest but I was wrong. Now we had a new objective to put in the books. It took me over three years to finally pull my socks up and put this peak high on the to-do list. At the last moment Lindsay and Val decided to join us on the adventure. So early July 3 2010 Sasha and I with Lindsay/Val driving close behind finally found ourselves bouncing up the Touquart Valley heading towards this unnamed peak. I had GPS in a long forested ridge which I thought was going to be the route of choice. Things changed as the abandoned road which I first thought was going to be totally overgrown was to my surprise totally clear and easy to drive up. This saved a couple of kms and made it easy to get to the back-end of the valley which now changed the original route I had first planned on. We quickly discovered that a recent fair-sized rock slide had rattled off the steep slope which looked like it might lead all the way up to the ridge which we were wanting to reach. Unfortunately the clouds where low and we had no idea how far up the slide went. So we all decided that it was a good line up and was clear of cover. After 20 minutes we found that the slide ended at a large cliff so now we were forced to enter the steep forested slopes. Looking at my GPS I noticed the topo lines were very close together and was sure we would run into many cliff bluffs above us. I was right and it took a bit of head scratching and luck before I was able to guide us around and up some very steep bush before finally gaining the spine of the ridge. Clouds were still low with no visibility which made things a little awkward but the ground had leveled finally so the guessing game up was no issue now. After that we got sidetracked only once when Lindsay thought he could hike off the false summit but unfortunately was turned back. GPS in hand I was able to find a way around the bump and was able to gain access to the main snow bowl which lead up to the main peak. After leaving the Jeep 5hrs prior Sasha and I were standing on the main summit and after 15minutes Lindsay and Val popped out of the clouds to join us. The weather cleared up for a short while so we were able to see the surroundings. We could see two rocky buttresses to the north which looked like the same height if not a wee bit taller than the main peak. So be be safe we all climbed the one closest but could not reach the second due to a gendarme and 30m vertical walls. I mentioned to Lindsay that on the way up I did notice a bush pull-up route from it's north side. So we heading down and were lucky to find out it was a go. Lindsay found a sweet route up so I quickly follow behind and in no time we were both standing on it's summit. So now we had climbed all three peaks and were confident that we had reached it's highest point but still not sure which was tallest. Not until getting back home and checking my large archive of photos I was able to put a line across the skyline to see which was tallest. It was no surprise to me when the results came back showing the Main peak was still in fact tallest of them all.

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