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Bush Whack to summit of Kookjai:
    I have made up a "Topo/Image Map", with the approx. location of a flagged and not so flagged route to the summit of Mt Kookjai. Keep on hiking and you will end up on the Comox Glacier

Click - 'Brown star' and veiw a photo that was taken from that approx. location.

Kookjai Trail Route Location & Comox Trail Location Panorama of the area Looking over at the Frog Pond Route with the Comox Glacier in the background The route follows up the main ridge in the middle Going down toward Tatsno Lake Losing some more elevation One more of the Red Pillar On top of Mt Kookjai, offers nice views and endless meadows ahead  A closer look at the Red Pillar with my 10x Optical Zoom My first views of Red Pillar Darn... Having to lose some elevation here. Topping out Getting close to the top of the first rise Looking at the East horizon Pleasent hiking Alpine meadows begin to appear Forest opens up to Alpine More quagmires ahead Kids taking there first cool down more bushwhacking Fairly easy going here Having to climb over some blow-down Once through the steep bushwhack the forest begins to open up At the end of the logging road, take a left and bushwhack up a steep grade for a while  Looking down at Couger Lake below Hike up old logging road for the first km or so Drive 500m past Couger Lake & park at the first turn in the road.
How to get there??      If you are leaving from the east side of the Island "Courtenay/Comox", there are a few different ways to get on the Comox Lake main which ever one works best for you. Once on the main line, drive South up to Cruickshank River turn right on the other side of the bridge.

If you are coming from Port Alberni you can drive down Beaver creek and come over the Valley Link Hwy get on the Comox Lake Main and head North/West down to Cruickshank River turn left just before the bridge.

Head up the Cruickshank main line for 3 km then turn left and head down the South Main about 5km down the road you will see a road come in from the right, this road will take you to the trailhead for Comox Glaciers Route. Stay on the South Main for another couple of clicks. Cougar Lake will be on you're left, just about 500m ahead park at the left bend in the road and look for some flagging hanging in the brush.

Allow 4 to 6hrs return trip to Kookjai Mnt, I hope to make it back to the area this year and hike all the way up to the Comox Glacier as a day trip Stay Tune in for an update. Cheers: Quagger