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Jack's Peak / Blak Ridges - Summer
12hrs return

     Date: Aug 22 2008

Jack's Peak over to Blak Ridges

Weather:  Sunny / Warm
Wind:  Calm

    Late Aug 2008 Sasha and I hiked up to Jack's Peak hoping to find an easy way over to the limestone on Blak Ridge. The weather was awesome and the abundance of alpine flowers took my breath away at times. Jack the Bear was hanging out on the main summit but kindly let Kiku and us have an enjoyable uninterrupted stay on the Peak. We then made it over to the Blak Ridge for great shots of karst and a variety of alpine flowers. After leaving the limestone we headed in a westerly direction. I was hoping to gain the ridge but the short bluffs forced us down steep bushy ground for 200m vertical, before I was able to angle over. Once making the connection with the West Ridge the going down was good hiking through open forest. Unfortunately there's a short flat section just before the final pitch down to Marion mainline, which is very boggy with lots of thick brush. On the Topo I was hoping this section was going to be a gold mine for big trees but was wrong. Instead all the big trees were happily growing on the steep west slopes 250m vertical up from Marion mainline. For all you tree lovers this is a definite site to wander through as there are a couple of very tall Yellow Cedars in the grove, which might be some of, if not the tallest, around.

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