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Welcome to Islandhikes Hiking Page. Below is a " Topo/Image Map", along with a GPS route of the route.

Mt Horne Loop
Distance - 8.5km
Time: 4hrs

     Date: March 24 2005

Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop Mt Horne Loop

Trail conditions:Fair:

   Gary and I started the days adventure from Cathedral Grove parking lot hiking north for 250m on a well worn trail past the outhouses towards Cameron Lake. From there we followed the old CPR road for about another 300m before arriving at the trail head. This section quickly got us up to the railroad tracks and from there we turned right and hiked easterly on the tracks for a short distance before heading left up the trail once again. "Blue Flagging". This was a well worn trail which ended up at a saddle between Mt Horne and Mt Wesley. From there we picked up the short steep trail marked by a chain sawed arrow saying Mt Horne on a block of wood. After that the it was a 1.5km hike on active logging road before we took a right turn "north/west" onto a flagged route roughly at the 600m level. Then it was only only a 360m elevation gain before hitting the summit. We had good views of Cameron & Horne Lake as the weather was on our side. Not wanting to take the same way down and just lately I'd heard of a new flagged route put in by AVOC which descended the forested North Ridge. From email corespondence I was told when on the summit look for orange/pink flagging on left from where we had come up from. At the start the route is tricky to stay on but just a short distance down the flagging got was more defined pasted small lake and and soon after that the flagging turns south. I was surprise to see the upper part of the North Ridge was still Old Growth which was a bonus to hike through especially with all the Old Man Beard "Usnea Lichen" hanging in the limbs. After hiking the forest we eventually popped out into a narrow cut-line which was recently put in to run power poles to a radio repeater that looks down onto Cameron Lake. The flagging disappears here but trust me it is located directly across cut-line and works it way down the open timber. When I first did the route I got sucked into hiking down the steep bushy cut-line because it was the only place I could see flagging. It wasn't until reaching the bottom and heading south into the timber that we finally picked up the flagged route once again. The last section down to the tracks was allot more open than I expected it was probably due to the old fire that burnt off the smaller under growth. Once on the tracks we had two choices, 1# we could hike down the ATV trail and come out onto Hwy 4 just above Cathedral Grove or 2# "Which we did" Hike North/East 2km on the tracks back to the same spot we came up from the lake.

How to get To There??

    Starting from the Port Alberni Info Center drive east to Cathedral Grove parking lot and park on the north side

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