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Hidden Peak / South Face - Late Spring
9hrs return

     Date: May 31 2009

Hidden Peak South Face

Weather:  Sunny / Warm
Wind:  Calm

    May 31st I finally got it together to make my first attempt at Hidden Peak For many years I'd stared at it dark coloured tower and only dreamed about standing on it's summit. Hearing that ACC had just been up there 2 weeks prior and getting some tidbits of info from them helped get the trip on the burner, plus Sasha had asked if I was interested in giving it a go as a day trip. Now we are talking my language The nice weather had just started here in the Valley and hot sunny skies were in the forecast for the next week or so. Perfect weather and being late spring the snow should be setup for easy hiking. Sasha came up the night before from Victoria so we could get an early start. Leaving town by 5:30am we got got a little messed up to start by driving up the wrong logging spur but soon found the right road which lead us up to the small lake. We parked at the far end and first followed a brush out trail which took us to the creek which drained the valley. Luckily we found a large log which we could use to cross over then it was a 2hr hike through semi covered old growth. Just before leaving the forest a beautiful waterfall can be seen pouring over the high cliffs. From here we hiked up an open scree slope which took us up to an open semi sunken cirque. Lots of water pouring in but no exit stream could be seen so must be disappearing through the large boulders and coming out somewhere down slope. Will have to check it out when the snow disappears. From the cirque it was a enjoyable hike up to the Mt Maitland / Hidden Peak saddle. After that it was a steep forest hike with some route finding to gain access to the upper snow field. When on top we had a short descent to get off the main ridge to avoid climbing some rocky pinnacles. Now it was a nice snow jaunt over to the base of Hidden Peak with some steep slopes in between so cation had to be made not to mess up. We had heard there was bush pull ups right to the summit. Using green belays for the bottom section but used the rock for most of the climb. Awesome vista's on top and even found the summit register which had not been signed since 2002. I have added a topo map for viewing plus a link to a few pictures that Sasha and I took that day. Time from vehicle to summit was just over 6 hrs and the descent was a little quicker being only 3.5hrs. Now I've visited this beautiful place you'll probably see me up there a few more times as there is still Mt Maitland and Needle Peak which are still on my list.

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