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North Ridge Direct: Mt Hannah:
    I have made up a "Topo/Image Map", with the approx. location of the route up the North Ridge. ( Brown - Walk up old logging road which had alot of dead Alders across it. 1-2 hrs up: Green - Walking through Old Growth/Sub Alpine up to a rock exposed summit. 2-3 hrs up ) Excellent views of the West Coast

Click - 'Red star' and veiw a photo that was taken from that location.

Looking back at the peak from a false summit Hawk 'my hiking buddy' probably the first canine to assent the North Ridge of Mt Hannah Yes there's is a Repeater on top The summit of Mt Hannah, looking towards the Broken Group Crossing the upper snow bowl, just below the summit A quick drop down to Nihmint river Coming up to the upper snow bowl On a small bench half way up the ridge Stick Um Up Now on the main ridge heading up towards the upper bowl Just on the inside of the Old Growth At the top of the road just before I head off up into the Slash, and then into the Old Growth Forest Half way up the road, looking at the route I want to take Road dissapears to a landslide, but not for long My parking spot for the day A trees roots in dier need of some soil Spider in Spiders Web  An old boat dock at the mouth of the Nihmint River Early Morning, looking arcoss the Nihmint Bay down the Alberni Inlet
How to get there??     From Port Alberni, Travel west towards Tofino. Once you have crossed over the Stamp River "Grey Bridge" turn left and head towards the Sproat Lake Logging Division Camp, drive through the camp and get on the main logging road that heads down the Alberni Inlet. Drive for about 37kms and start looking out for a main road that heads of to your left. Not less than 1km down this road you will cross the Nihmint River. Once across take the next road to your left, drive up a small hill which starts to follow back downstream on the other side of the river, stay on this road for about 4kms keeping to the right. You will have to keep a watchful eye out for an old road which you will be hiking up. Just lookout for a small sign, saying "Alder Cutting, Danger" or something like that. If you've gone too far you will come to an abandoned bridge. Turn around and then look for the first old road on your left. Once you find the old road , it is about 3km walk up to the start of the Virgin Timber. Happy Bush Whacking from here on in.... I hope that you enjoyed viewing the Image Map of the North Ridge Of Mt. Hannah. If you have a cable or high phone line, take a look at my Panorama and wide angle shots, takin from the summit Cheers: Quagger