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Mt. Filberg (First Try)
Distance -9.5km with 2.5kms still left to reach summit, 13hrs return: Starting from Lady Falls Trail then up to North ridge leading up to Mnt Filberg

     Welcome to Islandhikes Hiking Page. Below is a " Topo/Image Map", along with a GPS route of the route.

     Date: July 23 2005

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Sunny/Cloudy:Sunny in the morning with scattered clouds rolling in my the afternoon
Trail conditions: None, Old Growth Timber is fairly bush free heading up to the North Ridge, then mostly open from there on.

   Since climbing up Kings Peak Filberg has been on my to do list and today was the day Steve and I were to give it try. In the wee hours of the morning I pulled into Steve's driveway in Parksville. The stars were shining and it looked like it was going to be an awesome day. We did have an eventful drive up, it was going to be the first time Steve got a real close up view at Deer on the Hwy. Luckily no one was hurt, Deer included but it was a good wake up for all of us. Pulling into Lady Falls parking lot just as Dawn was on the horizon, this gave us some spare time to get our self's ready for the days adventure.

   As first light was apearing we headed up the short trail to the falls which took no more than 10 min. From here we followed a beaten trail for a ways further before turning up and away from the creek. Luckily we ran across another trail 200m up which lead us up the Cervus creek watershed for a while then turned left and headed up towards the ridge we wanted to get on. Unfortunately the trail petered out but by now the Timber was fairly bush free. The going up was allot better than expected due to the open bush and took only 2hrs to reach the open ridge above. It was a pleasant ridge walk right up to the where you look down onto a nice alpine lake 300m below. Now we had to descend a couple of short rock bluffs and then ascend quickly back up the other side while staying on the ridge cap or just on the right side of the ridge the whole way up. When reaching the top it was then an easy cruise over to the gully I wanted to drop down. The gully looked pretty steep but do-able so I headed down into it. The first section was just loose rock but after that I had to do a short 4m down climb into a narrow chute with vertical walls on both sides after that it open up for a short distance before pinching off again. If I was here a few weeks earlier I would have been able to down climb a steep snow chute but since the snow had melted back it left behind a 10m vertical down climb that I preferred not to do without a rope. Oh well it was back up to the top and now look for another way down to the backside of Filberg. Steve and I looked down a few possible locations without any luck of an easy way down. We then back tracked some what to a saddle that I knew dropped over but this was now going to turn into a long switchback to try and get below. Cruising down the scree on the other side we quickly found out it was going to be a long descent to get down off this shelf. Looking at the time we still had 2hrs left before turn around but to be realistic it was going to take us another 4hrs to reach the summit. So we both decided that we'd just do some sight seeing around the area instead of trying to kill ourselves. On the way back out I took a closer look at a possible route which looked like it had good potential. Stay tuned in for return to Filly Burger 2006 adventure.

   How to get To There     Starting from the Port Alberni's Info Center. Drive 35km East on hwy 4# towards the Inland island highway turn North then drive 110km to Campbell River's far end. Then drive West on Hwy 28# towards Gold River for about 60km you'll then reach the Lady Falls parking lot turn left just into it just before the Cervus creek bridge. Park here and hike the Lady Falls Trail for the first leg. The hike up to the ridge can take roughly 2/6 hrs depending on the pack weight and hiking speeds.

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Cheers: Quagger

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