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Cameron Lake CPR Trail up to Mt Cokley East Ridge
8hrs return

     Date: Dec 09 2007

CPR Trail up to Mt Cokley

Weather:  Overcast
Wind:  Cold

    Got in a good leg burn yesterday. I started from Cameron Lake and headed up the old CPR trail, first to the look out for pictures but clouds blanketed the valley below. After that I continued on up to the abandoned Arrowsmith ski hill, keeping my distance from the snowmobile's. It would be the pits to get flattened by one of them in low visibility. Once past the upper lift I left all motorized machinery far behind. I'm not sure if they can make it up to the summit yet but I'm sure they've tried a few times... lol There is recent logging show which can be seen from the summit which took out a block at the headwaters of Lockwood Creek, bummer as it was a nice stand of timber we now have to say good bye to. It now gave an easy alturnitive in getting off Cokley and heading down the East ridge of Mt Cokley. The only tricky spot is leaving the ridge down steep slopes to the logging road but I did the whole thing in snowshoes so was not that bad. When icy crampons would be a big bonus.

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   How to get there??     Start same as CPR Trailhead

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