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Old CPR Trail:
    I have made up a "Topo/Image Map", with the appox. location of the Old CPR Trail marked in green dots. The Red circles when clicked on will open another page with a picture from that location.

How to get there??     If you are traveling from the East side of Vancouver Island. Travel West along Highway 4# towards Port Alberni, just as you pass the road into the Cameron Lake Cabins on your right, look for a dirt road on the left side of Highway appox.200 meters futher on. You can then either park here or drive in a short distance to the Trail Head. A few hunred meters up the road take the left fork, after that it's only about 200 meters further on before you come to where you park the vehicle. From here you should be able to see the Trailhead on your right side taking off uphill into the bush. I hope that you enjoyed viewing the Image Map of the Old CPR Trail
Cheers: Quagger

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Summit of Mt Cokley, looking towards Mt Arrowsmith Haaaaa What a beautiful day to be on top of things An old WWII plane buzzed me as I was approching the summit ridge Just before heading onto the road upto the Ski Lodge Finally getting into the High Country. Looking towards Strathcona Prov. Park from the Look-Out Looking down at Cameron Lake Cabins Melting ice along the banks Trail follows along side McBey Creek at certain locations Nice The fork in the Trail Couple of Fungus Now into Old Growth Forest Leaving the slash behind Getting closer to the top of the headwall Looking across at the rock face hiking the headwall A few switchbacks later At the bottom of the headwall A not so possible creek crossing A possible creek crossing Nice 80ft Water Fall on McBey Ck. Trail Information Parked just across from Trail Head Nice stands of Timber just of Highway 4#