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Mt Arrowsmith Traverse - Late Spring
10hrs one-way

     Date: May 13 2007

Mt Arrowsmith Traverse

Weather:Hot and Sunny

    Having done most of the routes on Arrowsmith, it was time to try and do a full traverse of the mountain. Rudy and Steve joined me on the trip. We started off by hiking the forest towards the Lost Gully. No snow was encountered until we broke out of the trees and started up the lower gully. It was getting hot so some icy debris was falling down from above, but not enough to be of concern. Once reaching the start of the Lost Gully I noticed conditions were a lot drier than when Kiku and I climbed it back in March. This made passing the rock band a breeze and the snow conditions in the gully were perfect. It took no time before we were all standing on the South summit. Hiking the summit ridge was glorious with the nice weather and panoramic views. Once we reached the main summit we were greeted by a dozen other folks who had hiked up from various other routes. We stopped for a short BS with the others before heading down the Nose. Here’s where it gets interesting… I thought Rudy was packing a 60m rope, which we were going to double up and use to rap down the Nose. Once at the belay station above the Nose I just then found out Rudy had not bought any rope - just a big bag of apples, which I thought was the rope bag. Luckily I was carrying a 10m section of 9mm rope which was just enough to belay Rudy and Steve at least past the short rock climb, but placed them on the knife edged ice covered ridge which ran steeply down to the col between Arrowsmith and the Bumps. I was not as lucky since I had to basically down climb the Nose as the rope did not reach to the bottom of the rock band. I wasn’t a big fan having to put myself on the edge but all worked out. Once I caught up with the others my adrenaline was still revved up from being so focused coming down the Nose. I told them I was going to blast across the Bumps and right down to the big bend where the vehicle was parked.
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   How to get there??     Follow the same driving directions as for the Judges route, except turn-off 1km earlier at the third spur road.

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