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Mt Arrowsmith Main Gully - Winter
10hrs loop

     Date: Jan 21 2010

Mt Arrowsmith Main Gully

Weather:Mixed with clouds by afternoon

    We were up Main Gully Jan 21 road was good but heard you can make it to the rock cut without to much trouble. Conditions up Arrowsmith was interesting and crampons are needed due to hard snow condition's. Main Gully was mainly hard pack with a thick layer of ice on top. Made for a sporting climb up the gully, calves still feel it. Summit condition were like I've never seen before. All the surface layer of snow had been severely wind blown by a warm wind which melted the snow and when froze at night it turn back into clear ice blobs with the most interesting geometric shapes.
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   How to get there??     Follow same driving directions as for Judges route. Except stay on mainline and park fourth switchback.

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