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Mt Albert Edward Trail:    Here is a "Topo/Image Map", with approx. trail location and trail in km distances, leading to the summit of Mt Albert Edward North/East Ridge. Excellent views of Strathcona Park also Comox Icefields.

Click - 'Black star' to veiw photo taken from that approx. location.

On the summit I placed a number of red arrows pointing to various points of interest in that general direction.

Mt Washington Ski Area is were we  started hiking a few hours back. Some big mother #$@#$# of a mountain in the distance??? Looking down the ridge Castle Crag looks pretty tame from here Headwaters of the Eric Creek Aureole Icefields The MacKenzie Range far off  in the distance One of my favorite annual hikes, is going up Mt Myra in early July The all mighty Grand Hinde Marble Meadows  Ohhhh... look at all the Limestone Mt Colonel Foster Helmet Head Norm Lake in the distance Mt Regan Summit Ridge Hawk keeping an eye on things Cool looking Purple Alpine Flowers growing at the 2000m+ Crossing the snowfield close to the summit Helicopter taking clients to the top the easy way Looking at the angle of the North Face Albert Edward Glacier The low angled ridge leading to the summit Mt Albert Edward & Mt Regan Kiku taking in the veiws Looking down towards Moat Lake Amphitheatre Lake, still unthawing in late July   Alpine Flowers Nice view of Divers Lake Still looks a long way a way Looking over the edge at Hairtrigger Lake First veiws of Albert Edward seen from Hairtrigger Lake Higher up in the meadows Morning in Paradise
How to get there??     From Port Alberni, Travel east towards Qualicum Beach. Take the Island Highway North and turn left just past Courtenay, heading towards Mt Washington. Take the first left at the top of the hill and drive to a large parking lot. The trail head starts just below the the billboard. Depending on your abilities or you're time schedule, the route can be done in a matter of hours to a couple of days. My preference is getting up real early, drive to the trail head, and start hiking just before sunrise. This way I can take full advantage of the cool... alpine mornings, and be on the summit before the heat of the day sets in. "STEADY PACE"(July, trail-dry) Hike in: Parking lot/Summit approx. 4.5hr/5.5hrs time on summit "weather permitting" Hike out: 3.5hr/4.5hrs Summit/Parking lot I hope that you enjoyed viewing the Image Map of the Trail to the summit of Mt Albert Edward.
Cheers: Quagger