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Standard Route up 5040    
I have made up a "Topo/Image Map", with the approx. location of the route up the Standard Route on 50-40 Peak The route has a 2hr bush wack then a 1 hr hike up alpine meadows to the summit. Gives good access to high ridges with excellent veiws.

Click - 'Red star' and veiw a photo that was taken from that location.

On the summit of 50-40 I placed 6 arrows pointing to different peaks in that direction

Blues n Greens Steamboat Peak A postcard shot of Triple Gorgeous views of Henderson Lake Mt Klitsa in the distance with the ridge leading towards Beverly Lake in the forground Blaks Ridge notice the helicoper on the left of repeater Tit Peak Looking down the West Ridge Carpet of Pink Looking down towards the lower lake A false summit on the West ridge Looking over at Triple Peak Looking down the ridge Hawks a Howling Triple Peak half way up the ridge Looking up at the north/west face Alpine Flowers Nice Limestone at the pass North Col Trail Head start bush wacking here Park here, trail head across the road 50-40 Peak looking from Triple Peak
How to get there??     Drive west from Port Alberni for about 60kms. Turn left off Highway 4# onto Marion creek mainline. From here stay on the main logging road and drive for about 10kms up to the mainline then park on the left side between the two bridges. Walk up the deactivated road "Marion 80" for only about 50 meters before heading up into the timber. Enjoy my fellow Hiker.....Bushwacker.... I would love to hear any stories from around this area if any of you have any to share.
Cheers: Quagger