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Short Story On Quagger   AKA   ( Craig Wagnell )

Craig Wagnell moved to Port Alberni from Jasper in 1992. Since living on Vancouver Island, he has discovered numerous caves, pioneered many hiking routes, and achieved several mountaineering first ascents. His photographic specialty lies in shooting panoramas and landscapes. Craig's adventurous spirit, paired with his passion for photography, allows him to showcase elements of our natural environment that few people have the opportunity to witness in person. His extensive hiking website and forum can be found at www.islandhikes.com To contact him by email: islandhikes@shaw.ca

Blak T Cave

My outdoor hobbies include Digital Photography, Mountain Climbing, Hiking, Searching Old Growth Forest for large trees and Caving. Rainy Day Hobbies include creating maps and finding new routes on Google Earth to explore when weather improves. Bad habits: sitting in front of the computer checking for great deals on E-Bay.

Standing on the summit of Triple Peak

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